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The ET Cosmetics project was created in March 2020. It all started when a group of friends imagined a new lip gloss concept: so fresh, so glossy and so glamorous ! The team comprises of four key founding partners and friends, who have worked very hard to bring these new products to market, only for you ! With your support, we will become a world leader of glossy and glamorous cosmetics.

We launched the ET Cosmetics project primarily to support charitable organisations inc. the NHS. Our objective is to regroup our community of friends & family first and raise charity funds through our home-made products ! Hence, we are not a business yet and don't have fixed product prices, we do this for charity and leave payment at your friendly discretion, so please be generous !

All our products are based on natural ingredients and pigments, designed and produced by the team at home with unique care - please see ingredient list and disclaimer in product section. We exclusively distribute our products to our community of friends & family via our ET Cosmetics website and our TikTok @etcosmetics.

We hope you will like it and count on your support until the ET Cosmetics project becomes a worldwide business.

ET Cosmetics - So Glossy, So Fresh and So Glamorous !


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The ET Cosmetics lip gloss products are made with natural ingredients including coconut oil, vitamin E and pigments. We realise ET Cosmetics is not a registered business yet and exclusively distribute our products with our community of family & friends at this stage, so please note our products are not professionally and dermatologically tested.

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Warning: All facts, details & recommendations on our website are provided for information purposes only and are not intended to replace the advice of professionals. By purchasing our products you accept responsibility to check with a professional before using any products that may interfere with medical conditions. By purchasing our products you recognise and accept the fact that some ingredients may cause sensitivity in susceptible individuals and that ET Cosmetics will not be held responsible for such occurrences. We encourage those with sensitive skin or allergies not to use our products or to perform a patch test on the skin for possible reactions. ET Cosmetics is not a true registered business yet, we accept no responsibility for incorrect use of information or products.

By ordering from our website, you confirm you have read this Disclaimer!


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Warning: our products are not professionally and dermatologically tested. Please see ingredients and read full disclaimer in product section.

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